Oehl: Über Nacht

Oehl: Über Nacht

Rupert Höller, 2019, 5 min

MuVi Adventkalender 2019. Türchen 9

Move over, 2001-Odyssey and your boring black obelisque! – We’re in 2019 now and the whole „monkey-throws-a-bone-in-the-sky“ schtick won’t cut it anymore! Think more like: a sleek white tetrahedron standing still in your garden, gently hinting at the collective loneliness of our ordered world, while you drink honey-washed coffee and take cold showers in your imaculate (eco-sustainable!) bathroom. Gentle clinking permeates the flawlessly polished black and white world in this Rupert Höller & Adrian Bidron creation, that pehaps even holds some answers at the end of it all (but not as well the questions …).

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