Conchita Wurst: Lovemachine ft. Lou Asril

Conchita Wurst: Lovemachine ft. Lou Asril

Rupert Höller, 2020, 3 min

MuVi Adventkalender 2020. Türchen 24

Do you know how you’re just chilling at home in your pajamas (coz it’s Covid time baby!) and you watch a music video and you suddenly feel ashamed because you are so horrendously underdressed? Well this is that video. In the last of this year’s directorial highlights by Rupert Höller we get to feast our eyes and yes, also other senses, on impeccably styled duo of Conchita Wurst and Lou Asril, who dazzle us with pumped up beats. We dare you to stay still as they gaze deep into each others’ eyes and cry out a chorus that could be an official lockdown-era Tinder anthem: “I’m a love machine in town, best you can get fifty miles around!”

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