Florence Arman: Naked

Florence Arman: Naked

Tobias Pichler, 2020, 3 min

MuVi Adventkalender 2020. Türchen 21

Our todays’ music video might be called Naked but don’t get any ideas – the singer Florence Arman spends the entire time putting on clothes, in fact, many, MANY layers of clothes. Of course we are hip to the fact it is all very symbolic, yes, but if you’re anything like us and you have ever spent an afternoon walking around the drafty cobbled streets of Vienna, then you will agree that this video is not too far removed from the bitter cold reality. But the video by Tobias Pichler is just the remedy you need. The hazy, dreamy just-out-of-bed coziness and Florence’s soft voice will warm you up and make you want to stay inside – which is not at all a bad idea these days …

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