Leon Engler & Hanna Herbst: Herbstmanöver

Leon Engler & Hanna Herbst: Herbstmanöver

bounty.studio, 2020, 2:30 min

MuVi Adventkalender 2020. Türchen 8

In this quirky ditty the acoustic duo Leon Engler & Hanna Herbst recite a story of a budding literary career that is steeped in subtle irony, pointing its tiny daggers to the “Conditio Humana” of the self-important intellectual kind. With Hanna Herbst being a published writer herself it’s no surprise that there is a sense of self-deprecation in the video. It perfectly supports the lyrics with lo-fi, found footage-y images that match its flair for parody. What’s that they say in it? Ah yes: “Das ist tiefsinnigste Prosa auf höchstem Niveau!” – Indeed!

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