Silts klusums (Warm Silence)

Silts klusums (Warm Silence)

Rinalds Zelts, LV 2016, 30 min

Ein Mann flieht in eine verlassende Hütte aufs Land. Nur seinen Hund Tumsa (=Dunkelheit) nimmt er mit. Als der Hund verschwindet, wird das ruhige Refugium zur angsteinflößenden Falle. // A guy decides to be antisocial and flees to a country house together with his dog Tumsa. As the dog suddenly disappears, the man faces his own fear of loneliness.

Rinalds Zelts (b. 1991) studied at the Latvian Academy of Culture and photography at The Centre of Creative Learning in Riga. He spends a lot of free time in the country side. Warm Silence is his debut short film.

Screenplay Rinalds Zelts
Cinematography Marika Šengelija
Editing Jānis Rubenis
Production Latvian Academy of Culture

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