Be(come) the Change!
Breakfast Club

Be(come) the Change!

Instagram live: @youkiofficial, 21.11.2020, 11:00 Uhr

Samstag, 21. November, 11-12 Uhr, Instagram live: @youkiofficial

Zum zweiten Mal sind wir mit unserem beliebten Cinema Next Breakfast Club, den wir sonst immer auf der Diagonale in Graz veranstalten, beim Jugend Medien Festival YOUKI Wels zu Gast – das dieses Jahr aufgrund des aktuellen Lockdowns digital stattfindet.

Bojana Bregar von Cinema Next wird mit nationalen und internationalen Gästen via Instagram live über Film & Aktivismus sprechen:

Zoe Borzi, Filmemacherin aus Österreich und YOUKI-Preisträgerin 2019 mit Meine Welt, Deine Welt
Johannes Gierlinger, Filmemacher aus Österreich und YOUKI-Jurymitglied 2020
Leonardo Martinelli, Filmemacher aus Brasilien, im YOUKI-Filmwettbewerb 2020 mit dem Film Around Copacabana

Der Breakfast Club findet in Englischer Sprache statt.

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Be(come) the Change!

With the end of 2020 around the corner we look back and we see the desire for our world to Change with a big C. We have seen it as the Extinction Rebellion actions took place, as Black Lives Matter protests spread throughout the world and many other political and societal issues have been brought to the fore, with the looming images of a dystopian future on the horizon (and the screens of our smart phones). A sense of urgency is in the air, the “We have to do something” on our minds. With young people tackling the challenges they face in their young lives, fearlessly speaking out for the causes they believe in, we wanted to land our attention to those who are trying to engage with the world through the means of film.

This years’ Breakfast Club is dedicated to activism and cinema: we would like to talk to young filmmakers about the ways of being political as a filmmaker, through what kinof forms this engagement happens and what is the desired (and actual) effect of activism through film? Join us as we share the motivation for a better future with our breakfast guests!